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Lori-Ann Wesley R.P.

My own journey to healing started when finally finding the right therapy that resonated with me over 25 years ago. I felt like I finally found home. I worked on shifting old and repressed feelings causing all kinds of problems in my life and became more grounded, whole, present and able to live from my higher self, becoming more peaceful, whole and connected. The work was transpersonal, spiritual, holistic and somatic. 

I knew I was meant to do this work with others. 


My approach to psychotherapy is integrative, holistic, eclectic. This means I believe it often takes a variety of different approaches and techniques to facilitate healing, change and growth.

I am continually taking courses and certifications in psychotherapeutic techniques, skills and deeper education to further assist my clients. 

"I believe trauma can not only be healed, but that the therapy process can be  a  profound journey to awakening"

Training & Qualifications

I have a combination of training, certifications and over 20 years of experience in private practice, helping people successfully change the course of their life with a strong psycho-spirtual and somatic orientation.

  • Registered Psychotherapist under CRPO (Reg. # 004242)

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Therapist (University of Toronto)

  • Graduated as Psychotherapist of Spiritual Psychotherapy (Transformational Arts College) 1998

  • Master of Arts in Counselling (AIHT)

  • Graduate of three year training in Relational Somatic Therapy, Taught by Dr. Michael Sieck, PhD Licensed clinical Psychologist

  • Brainspotting (EMDR Based) with Dr. David Grand 

  • Hakomi w founder Ron Kurtz 

  • Gestalt professional training 

  • Art Therapy

  • Life Coaching 

  • EMDR (Currently Studying) 

  • Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine (Currently Studying)

  • Sensory Motor with Pat Ogden (Currently Studying)

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist

I am also a Reiki Master and Certified Yoga Instructor (Hatha and Ashtanga) registered with The Yoga Alliance.


My experience includes


  • Over 20 years of private practice in Psychotherapy

  • Facilitating workshops and classes in Toronto and abroad

  • Co-developed the Holistic Health Certificate Program at Seneca College

  • Taught courses for over 10 years in:

    • Psychology 

    • Emotional Healing

    • Meditation

    • Holistic Health

    • Mindfulness

    • Reiki

    • Yoga.

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